Kinobo "Natsuki" USB Microphone with Tripod Stand


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  • USB Microphone with great quality voice audio recording + tripod stand
  • One of the best Condenser Microphone USB products we sell - ideal for use as a computer microphone for Skype
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows PC's including Windows 10
  • Attractive appearance and rubberised finish will look great on your desktop, and can be used either in the stand or by hand
  • Easy to use USB Microphone - just plug and play with no additional software or drivers required.

The Natsuki is a USB Microphone that either sits in a tripod stand or can be removed and used in your hand. This new generation version features a higher quality recording capacity than earlier models, which makes it one of the best condenser microphone usb products on the market. Ideal for use as a computer microphone for Skype, it helps you make calls and record your voice clearly.

If you're looking for a Skype Microphone USB style because you can't use your line-in port, or you want to improve the quality of your laptop mic, Natsuki a good choice. It's very easy to use, simply plug it into your USB 2.0 port and Windows will do the rest, installing automatically without any additional drivers. It's compatible with all versions of Windows after XP, including Windows 8 and Windows 10. It's also the ideal companion for voice dictation software such as Dragon.

This computer microphone usb also can be removed from its tripod stand, increasing the number of ways you can use it. It features a 1 year warranty so if the mic stops working you can return it for a free replacement.

Features :

New higher quality chipset than our older model
Plug and Play USB microphone with no drivers required
Excellent sound quality - clear and precise with minimal background noise
120cm USB cord length
Tripod stand + removable
Finished in professional black matt coating
Great condenser microphone usb product compatible with voice dictation software and Skype

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